chapter 14 - court reporters and interpreters

14.1 Court Reporters

A court reporter will be available for the reporting of all proceedings of the court.

14.2 Request for Interpreter; Deposit of Fee

In civil cases, a party who requests an interpreter shall, at least five days before the date of trial or hearing, notify the county clerk in writing of such request and of the particular language needed and advance one day's fees. Thereafter one day's fees shall be advanced to the interpreter before commencement of each day's proceedings. Failure by a party to make such written request or to advance such fee shall be deemed a withdrawal of the request and the court in its discretion may proceed without an interpreter or, upon such terms as may be just, with an interpreter.

14.3 Fees of Interpreters

The rate at which fees of interpreters are fixed will be established by the court from time to time.

14.4 Forfeiture of Fee Deposit

In a civil case in which a party requests an interpreter and thereafter withdraws the request, the party shall pay one day's fee to the interpreter unless (a) the party notifies the clerk at least 48 hours in advance of the date of trial or hearing that the services of the interpreter will not be required, or (2) the interpreter has a similar service to perform at that time in some other proceeding.